“Dinesh Ghimire: The Preferred Choice for the Next NRNA, UK President among the Nepali Diaspora”

११ महिनाs अगाडि

Dr Mukunda Bastola 

In the realm of Nepali diaspora living in the United Kingdom, one individual stands out for his exceptional contributions to the community since he arrived in the UK in 2003 – Dinesh Ghimire. A well-educated and compassionate leader, Ghimire has tirelessly worked with numerous Nepali social organisations, lending his expertise and support to help uplift the people from Nepal living in UK. With a master’s degree in economics from the prestigious London School of Economics, Ghimire combines his academic background with a genuine dedication to community service.

One of the most striking aspects of Dinesh Ghimire’s character is his unwavering commitment to assisting individuals irrespective of their political affiliations. While he possesses his own political background, Ghimire rises above partisan lines and extends a helping hand to all, regardless of their party affiliations. This impartial approach is a testament to his integrity and highlights his genuine concern for the well-being of the Nepali community in the UK.

Ghimire’s unique qualifications make him the most suitable candidate for the presidency of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), UK, among the pool of contenders. With his vast experience and political connections, Ghimire is well-equipped to address the issues faced by non-resident Nepali citizens. His extensive knowledge of economics will undoubtedly play a crucial role in finding practical solutions to the economic challenges and concerns of the Nepali diaspora.

Furthermore, Ghimire’s family background adds an extra layer of influence and expertise to his leadership. His own brother currently serves as the chair of parliament in Nepal, providing Ghimire with valuable insights into the political landscape of the home country. This connection ensures that he possesses the necessary diplomatic skills to engage with Nepali authorities effectively, fostering collaboration between the diaspora in the UK and their homeland.

One pressing issue that Dinesh Ghimire is particularly poised to tackle is the matter of equal pension for Gurkhas in the UK. Gurkhas, renowned for their service and loyalty to the British Crown, have long been fighting for equal treatment and fair pensions. With Ghimire’s political links, combined with his profound understanding of the challenges faced by the Gurkha community, he is well-positioned to advocate for their rights and bring about tangible change.

Mr. Ghimire is capable of extending his support in resolving the persistent challenges surrounding non-resident Nepali citizenship. He can actively assist the Nepali community in the UK in securing their rights to obtain non-resident Nepali citizenship. Additionally, he will strive to advocate for the continuity of Nepali citizenship for non-resident Nepali citizens living abroad.

Ghimire has the potential to bridge the gaps and conflicts that have emerged within the NRNA community in the UK. Disputes and disagreements are inevitable within any diverse group, but with his inclusive and compassionate approach, Ghimire can help bring unity and harmony back to the community. By fostering dialogue, understanding, and a shared vision, he can rebuild the sense of togetherness among NRNA members, creating a stronger and more influential collective.

In conclusion, Dinesh Ghimire’s impressive track record, coupled with his extensive education and experience, make him the ideal candidate for the presidency of NRNA, UK. His commitment to community service, regardless of political affiliations, exemplifies his dedication to the welfare of Nepali citizens in the UK. With his knowledge of economics, political connections, and family background, Ghimire is well-suited to address the issues faced by non-resident Nepali citizens and work towards resolving the pension disparity for Gurkhas. Moreover, his ability to bridge conflicts and foster unity within the NRNA community ensures a stronger and more cohesive collective voice. With Dinesh Ghimire at the helm, the future of the Nepali diaspora in the UK appears brighter and more promising than ever before.

Dr Mukunda Bastola , 13 July, London

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