NC inks 4-point agreement with Itahari’s mayor withdraws protests

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डायस्पोरा नेपाल

तस्बिर रिपब्लिका
तस्बिर रिपब्लिका
तस्बिर रिपब्लिका


-Birat Anupam Nepali Congress Municipal Committee has withdrawn its protest programs, against Itahari’s mayor Dwariklal Chaudhari’s ‘anarchical’ activities. Mayor Chaudhary and Nepali Congress Itahari President Hemkarna Poudel sign a four-point agreement to this end. Mayor Chaudhary has ‘expressed regret’ for unlawfully detaining a service-seeker from Itahari-4, Yam Prasad Dhakal on 12 August. In the second point of the agreement, mayor Chaudhary also expressed his commitment to abide by laws and avoid his personal bias and enmity in his bulldozing campaign.

Likewise, mayor Chaudhary reiterated that he would not harm the civilians and staffers while making his expressions in any means. Nepali Congress Itahari has expressed its solidarity on lawful bulldozing illegal structures and bringing encroached public lands within the municipal authority. ”We have withdrawn our ongoing protests with a four-point agreement with the Mayor”, remarked Nepali Congress Itahari President Hemkarna Poudel.

Mayor Chaudhary, however, has not made any public comments after the agreement with Nepali Congress Itahari. Itahari’s mayor Chaudhary repeatedly makes headlines for his controversial remarks and actions in his four-year plus tenure as Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City’s first mayor. —

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